Our Services

When a child is given a medical diagnosis that impacts any portion of their development, it affects each and every member of their family.

The therapists at The Care Center not only work with the individual child to gain independence, but they work on educating and supporting the entire family. Parents, siblings, and grandparents are brought into therapy sessions to allow them to gain knowledge and confidence in working with the child. All can relish in the success of the child.

The Care Center's team approach is successful and enhances every part of the child's development. This approach is also carried out to a further degree with each therapist working and coordinating plans with the physicians, orthotists and DME providers that are involved in the child's care.

Our facility includes:

Large, open therapy gym

Private treatment rooms

Indoor aquatic therapy pool

Sensory room

The Care Center is a great place to make a difference in the life of a child. For current career opportunities:

        Our qualified therapists treat patients with

        various diagnoses, including, but not limited to:

         Cerebral Palsy

         Developmental Delay

         Spina Bifida


         Down Syndrome

         Spinal cord Injuries

         Muscular Dystrophies

         Traumatic Brain Injuries

         Genetic and Chromosomal Disorders

         Sensory Disorders